Welcome to our Blog.

This site contains a personal account of our Munro Round, some cycling and some exploration of US National Parks. Mainly to jog my own memory, somewhat to showcase Karen’s photography, partly to keep in touch with family while we’re in the USA. Have a look at the MENU in the upper right corner for links to individual trips.

We have a separate site  (dnkpct.home.blog) where we documented our 2019 through hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, South Bound (SOBO) from Canada to Mexico. That’ll be 2650 miles, give or take.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi !
    This is really helpful info in regards to your Chile Chico into Patagonia np trek.
    I will follow your footsteps to a T if I cannot find a lift to jeinimeni reserve.
    I did have concerns about finding a near halfway point to camp on the x753, along with finding water and of course if it’s at all legal. It seems like you accomplished it before me and I’m glad I found this blog!! There’s also amazingly a Google street view as well which is helpful but kinda takes away the mystery but I don’t mind. I want to really know what I’m getting into in almost a week!
    Anything else I should know don’t hesitate to write.
    Thx! Kurt


    1. Hi Kurt
      I am glad you found our experience useful. I have no idea whether wild camping in Chile is legal, but certainly we practice very strict Leave No Trace principles all of the time, and have not been challenged the few times we have done so. For that spot in particular, there clearly was a building there at some point, so seems unlikely to be a problem.
      Have a great trip!


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